CH4T is a private company totally focused on enhancing the value of the agriculture and the sustainable development through the Biomethane production in Italy.

We convert and upgrade existing biogas plants into Biomethane production units connected to the national methane pipelines.

Our mission is the development of the value for the investors and for the society through the strategic approach to the management of Biomethane plants and biomass.


CH4T is owned by Suma Capital, an alternative and independent investment fund leader in the energy transition. Founded in 2007, today Suma Capital manages 800 million euro’s funds through a direct presence in the Barcelona, Madrid and Paris areas

Doing business with us

CH4T works professionally with different strategic partners, among the key ones: EPC, Feedstock providers, Engineering firms.
CH4T for its partners offers:


  • Innovative business relation;
  • From manager to manager;
  • Solid financial partner.

Feedstock Providers

  • High volume customer;
  • Constant business relation;
  • On time financial transactions.

Engineering Firms

  • One company, different projects;
  • Challenging goals;
  • Innovative solutions.