CH4T finalizes the acquisition of Palladini Guido biogas company

CH4T has recently finalised the acquisition of the biogas production company named Palladini Guido in Carpaneto Piacentino (PC) Italy, by following its own capital development plan.

The goal of the acquisition of Palladini’s plant is to convert it into a Biomethane production unit, by maintaining a strong connection with the previous owner and its history related to the land and the people. In fact, Palladini’s family has been active in this area and in the agricultural field for 150 years, therefore the family is keen to keep contributing to the Biomethane plant’s production, by delivering relevant volumes of wastewater and biomass.

“The level of trust in the Palladini family has strongly driven us into an efficient investment’s decision-making process. CH4T is proud to run the future operational and business activities of this plant, by using the name of this historical Company combined with its own Brand!” Says Stefano Bengini, CEO, CH4T.

Furthermore, Stefano Begnini is very grateful to CH4T’s Team for the excellent work done for the best conclusion of the project in a challenging time frame and by managing different matters such as: technical, legal, authorization, administrative and financial.